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Welcome to our Dunbar Gifted and Talented  Page!
Visit this page often to see photographs of exciting lessons and special activities in our classrooms.  Also check to see what events are coming soon.  To see pictures from previous years, scroll to the very bottom and click on the year.  Thanks for visiting us!  For information about testing for this Magnet Program, click on Departments above and then scroll down the page to Gifted and Talented Program.

Kindergarten participated in The Nursery Rhyme Club and shared their presentaions 
with their famil

                           Kindergarten Kindergarten students celebrated dads and the Superbowl with "Donuts with Dads"
and Kamii Math Touchdown games.  A special time for all!
                                  Engineers must plan and sketch thier designs, and we do too!

                                   A visit from this Model T was quite exciting and really connected
                                   the past to the present.

                                    Kindergarten students excitedly watch for "eruptions" with their
                                     volcanoes made in the Science Lab!

                                     Another Engineering Lesson, this one for Halloween!  Can you tell
                                     what they are designing?

                                     What an awesome Snow Family painted at our fundraising Paint
                                      Party!  The students at Dunbar raised over $11,000 for the 
                                     Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation with our walk in November.
                                      Ms. Jamie's second grade class shows off their posters after
                                      the JDRF Walk.  
                                       First grade students collected toys and wrapped gifts so that a 
                                       family experiencing hard times could have Christmas presents!  
                                       Teaching kids about compassion and community service!


                              Getting ready to program the Legos! 

                              What could create this level of engagement with first graders?
                            Hard at work designing with Legos!
                            Legos Robotics is a hit in first grade!


                              Arbor Day Video!
                             These rappers were so cool!  Second graders study recycling and
                              environmental health, which fit perfectly with our campus being the
                              host for the City of Lufkin's Arbor Day Celebration.  Click on the 
                              green bar above to see a brief video.

                               Both careful measurement and critical thinking were required for this 
                               project in the Science Lab.

                               Making "bricks" is just one of the many engineering projects that
                               Mrs. Clos' second grade PACE students have worked on this year.

                             Multiage students dressed up for a special "Santa's Tea" for their
                             class Christmas party.
                             What would Santa's Tea be without Santa?  

                            Members of our honor choir, the Tiger Tunes, perform at Christmas.

                               First graders listen as they find out what they will be experiencing
                               throughout the year on their monthly visits to Ellen Trout Zoo.
                               Hands-on with an egg begins the year-long adventure!

                                Behind the scenes with Charlotte Henley at Ellen Trout Zoo.

                                Lessons take place both inside and outside at the zoo. This group
                                is recording information in the Education Room.  Outside obser-
                                vation is below.

                               These first graders from Mrs. Marshall's class have done it!  They
                               were successful in the "Paper Table Challenge" that is one of the
                               introductory lessons in our INSPIRE Engineering program, a joint
                               project with Purdue University.
                               Dunbar the Tiger traveled with this student to a football game!  
                               Students take home the class mascot along with a journal and write
                               about his experiences with their family.

                              Students in multiage had a chance to get up close and personal with
                              a tiger skin when the Ellen Trout Zoo's education staff visited their
                              One of Connie Shriver's first grade PACE students prepares to 
                              share her Book Bag project with her classmates.

                          Members of the "jury" listen to instructions in the trial of 
                          Goldilocks during the multiage PACE students' Learning Journey to
                          the courthouse and downtown Lufkin.
                          A witness takes her place in the mock trial PACE multiage students
                          participated in at the Angelina County Courthouse.

                           Second grade PACE student spells his word!
                           Students are finding their seats as we prepare for our Scripps 
                           Spelling Bee held in December.   
                            First Grade PACE teacher Ann Goff explains the parameters for the 
                            Party Cart to a team of second graders in Techno Tigers Engineering 
                            Club as their community engineer observes.


First grade PACE visited the Angelina County Youth Fair at the
Expo Center as part of their farm unit.  The photographer caught
this class clowning around with their animal "ears".

First grade PACE students used handheld GPS units to locate
points of interest on their final trip to Ellen Trout Zoo.

This way girls!  Using the GPS units was one of several special
activities during the extended time at the zoo on the final trip.
Lockheed Martin is just one of our Community Partners in PACE.

Multiage students celebrated a semester of penpal correspondance
with SFA students by hosting a special Penpal Party!

Parents, SFA students, and Dunbar Tigers shared refreshments,
journals, letters and smiles during the celebration.

                            Multiage students partnered with Ms. Mary Beth's class during
                             PIE Days (Partners In Engineering) to complete a geodesic dome.
                             It takes teamwork and concentration!

                             The completed dome became the impetus for designing a way to 
                             enhance humanitarian food drops in Haiti, complete with a banana
                             leave "roof" to protect the food from the elements.
                            During Engineering Week, PACE and PACK classes joined together to
                            produce a product following client guidelines which included several
                            constraints. These friends from Mrs. Shriver's and Mrs. Henderson's
                            classes use SciTEK materials to design a monument to a former president.
                            Constraints included the height and specific parts which must be used.

                            These second grade PACE students are enthralled with the hands-on
                             portion of Lockheed Martin's session at our biennial Science 
                             Spectacular.  Providing real world applications for the STEM subjects
                             (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) we teach is a priority
                             for our program. 
                       WOW! Viewing circuits just like an engineer!
                            First grade PACE students get a hands-on look at porcupine quills 
                            during the campus Science Spectacular in January.   Ellen Trout 
                            Zoo was just one of the more than 15 community organizations and
                            businesses spending the day with Dunbar to bring science to life!

                       Dunbar 2nd grade students participate in a schoolwide spelling bee.  
                       Each student must overcome their nervousness and speak clearly!
                                                           Our Winners! These students will advance to the Regional Bee.

                               As part of our ongiong commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
                              Dunbar and Garrett teachers spent two days in intense training in preparation for the 
                              implementation of SciTEK technologies into our classrooms.   SciTEK integrates STEM
                              as well as social studies, history, literature and art while encouraging teamwork and 
                              problem solving. 

                       Dunbar teachers work with Greg Martin of LJ Create to design a working
                       crane.  This was part of the training in using SciTEK.  

               Ms. Jamie, 2nd grade PACE teacher, adds wheels to 
               a moving Christmas tree designed by teachers.

                       Kathy Goehring, second grade PACE teacher, looks over her notes as she writes a lesson
                               plan for SciTEK.  Her team designed a weather station that addresses science TEKS
                               (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) for second grade.

                      Second grade PACE students participated in an  Engineering
                       Club in October.  These boys are sketching out their bridge design. 

                       Local engineers met with the after-school Engineering Club to give 
                       them guidance in planning their projects.

                      Work begins on building the bridges!

                       Every good construction begins with a good design. 

                       This team used gumdrops....will it work????
                         The winning design held 100 pennies without collapsing!  
                         Members of the local chapter of TSPE (Texas Society of 
                         Professional Engineers) judged the success of each design.

First graders in Ms. Ann's class work on their first Engineering Project,
creating a table from paper, tape and cardboard.  The challenge is to
produce a  table that will hold two textbooks!

These girls read in their Science Notebooks as they plan their approach to
the challenge.  The activity was the first of many engineering experiences
the students will have as part of Purdue University's INSPIRE program,
which Dunbar and Brandon PACE teachers are using to increase students'
understanding of and interest in engineering.

Look at those serious faces!  Our first graders demonstrated persistence
as they stuck with their project and met the challenge.  A table was produced
that held the books!

     Students in Mrs. Shriver's class examine a tiger skin as they are introduced to the
Ellen Trout Zoo education staff.  Our first grade PACE classes have formed a 
          partnership with the zoo and will visit each month to learn more about the animals and 
       their habitats.  They will also use their problem-solving skills to help solve real-world
    engineering issues at the zoo.  Zoo educators work with teachers to design lessons.



We've added a new section of first grade PACE, and are thrilled to have Ms. Lisa Jackson-Perry joining our team.  She comes to us from Garrett, where she taught Kinder PACE.

Our Scripps National Spelling Bee team is excited!  This year we
particpated for the first time ever in the event, with our individual
and team both doing well at the regional event at Lufkin High School.

"A Day with the ARTS" at Dunbar produced wonderful art work created
by students.  Printmaking was just one of the many activities.

Second grade PACE teacher Pat Clos not only organizes this biannual
event, she teaches an art session! Check out our 2nd grade hall for
more of her students' artwork--you'll be amazed.

Check out this cool frog drawn by one of our very own PACE kids!

PACE students enter the Houston Rodeo  and Livestock Show Art Show
competition.  All students' work is displayed at the Museum of East 
Texas and awarded ribbons.  These two students recieved the highest
local honor, Best of Show Finalist!  Congratulations! 

Second grade PACE students used the knowledge they gained about
microbes in a prior biology lesson to make their yeast rolls rise!  Each
year the students proudly serve their homemade rolls to their families
at Thanksgiving.

These girls are investigating magnification properties of water during
a REEL (Really Engaging Enriched Learning) Friday activity in first grade.

Using SMART Boards is always exciting!  All of our PACE classes as
well as our PACK 2nd grade classes are using the boards to enrich
learning and provide hands-on technology integration.  Mrs. Marshall's
student is using his finger to scroll down the page to the information
needed to complete an assignment.

Students used clues, hand lenses and deductive reasoning to solve
a "mystery"  involving germs. 

One of Mrs. Shriver's friends is beginning to share her Book Bag
Project with her classmates.  The students select their own book to
read and retell using props they collect and/or make.  Look at that grin!

Ms. Jamie's friend was the Chic-Fil-A bike winner for September.  She
recieved a coupon from Ms. Jamie for demonstrating the trait of Knowledge
when her parents attended a Parent Enchiladas and Education night with
Ms. Jamie to learn about our district initiatives in language arts and math.

PACE 2007-2008
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