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Coach Brooke Stafford  
My daughter attends Brookhollow Campus and was so excited about field day.  She said, "It was the best field day ever."  This year they were constantly participating in an event and this left no time for the students to be bored. The field day ran smoothly, had a variety of events, and kept all kids participating constantly. Thank you so much for making this field day the best day ever for my daughter. Thank you to all staff that helped Coach to make this field day a blast.

Mrs. Burleson

Mrs. Burleson thank you so much for all you have done for my daughter this year.  The safe environment you provided her was conducive to her learning.  The confidence you have helped instill in her will only make her grow as a person.  Words do not express all the appreciation I feel for not only treating my child like she is your own, but also by being an awesome teacher as well.

Mrs. Moore
I appreciate all your hard work.  Thanks for helping my son excel in reading and math this year. 

Cindy Kadlec

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your 2nd grade class this year.  I have watched my son struggle with reading since he had started school.  My son now has confidence in his ability to read and loves reading to himself at bed time every night. I appreciate your patience while we have worked as a team to adjust his compulsive talking behavior. Words can’t express my appreciation for all you’ve done.

Denise Nicholson
I’d like to recognize Denise Nicholson for her leadership and kindness and devotion to her colleagues and students. She is always prepared to have whatever a student needs to get caught  up and master their work. Anyone who works with Mrs. Nicholson knows that they can count on her to help with planning, providing materials and giving advice. She is a true blessing to her students and those lucky enough to be her co-worker.

Trout Primary, Ms. Grubb and Coach Malone

Shout out to the entire staff at Trout Primary, for making our first year with public school a happy, seamless, and comfortable transition! A special thanks goes to Ms. Grubb and Coach Malone who both have our kindergartners' heart. Hardly a day goes by that she doesn't mention something fun or exciting she learned with them that day. These two ladies have far exceeded our expectations. I can't imagine my child having gone through her first year of school with anyone else!

Sarah Steidley

I would like to give a shout out to Sarah Steidley at Trout Primary!  She’s obviously an awesome teacher, and she genuinely cares about my child.  He has definitely learned Math and Reading this year, but she has taught him so much more!  My son absolutely adores her…and so do his parents!

Mrs. Hufford is such a wonderful first grade teacher at Kurth. I am glad my son has her. She is truly a blessing.​

Veronica Morris

There’s nothing like a teacher who calls home with POSITIVE news about children! Thank you, Veronica Morris, not only for your compassion for children at Lufkin Middle School, but for your energy and desire to help kids learn and be the best they can be in every aspect of life. You are a phenomenal teacher and advocate for those you teach, and I have watched you over many years and know that many others would say the same. YOU are a true blessing to kids and I am thankful for the difference you have made in the lives of many children, including my own. Note to all: The not so positive phone calls are definitely necessary sometimes, but the POSITIVE calls feel so good and are SO REDEEMING! Thanks for giving me a reason to smile today!



William Bosley

I'd like to give a shout out to MR. BOSLEY at Brookhollow Elementary.  This is his first year as the Assistant Principal there, and he has made such a positive impact on our entire school. It is evident that he truly cares for our students and staff.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand in any situation with a positive attitude.  Thank you, Mr. Bosley!

Darlene Henderson

I would like to give an shout out to Ms. Darlene Henderson on an great job with our students in the nursing department.  Keep up the great job in helping our students succeed to the highest accomplishments.

A shout out for Teacher appreciation week goes to… PAM MCPHERSON  and  FELICIA ARNOLD for their patience, support,  encouragement, and dedication. I am so grateful to both of these remarkable ladies for teaching and caring for my son this school year. He loves school and it’s easy to see why! Thank you!!!  

This shout out goes to DR. ELIZABETH WALTER, Principal of Brandon Elementary, for all her efforts in securing the fabulous new fence at the front of the school. We are so grateful to have an educator who cares so much, takes action, and advocates for our kids!  We are feeling so much more comfortable knowing that our kids are protected from street traffic/strangers as they enjoy the huge front lawn and track. Also want to give a big shout out to the LUFKIN LIONS CLUB who was so kind to fund this need!!  Hearts like yours are one of the main reasons we love living in Lufkin!

Heather & Jeff Buchanan

I want to give a shout out to the ladies I work with in the Herty AB classroom. I couldn't ask  for a better group of people to work with!

I would like to give a shout out to Pam McPherson, Kindergarten PACE teacher at Dunbar Primary.  Mrs. Pam is like my son’s “school mom” and makes me, as a parent, feel very comfortable with him being in her care for seven hours each weekday.  Mrs. Pam is creative, caring, and communicates very well.  THANK YOU, Mrs. Pam, for making our transition to public school a little easier and for putting us at ease.  We truly appreciate you! 

I want to send a BIG shout out to Jesus Gomez! He does an excellent job as principal. I find him to be such an effective communicator, very personable and he manages in a consistent and fair manner. How lucky we are to have him at LMS!

A well deserved shout out to Mr. Dugat and Carrie Poldrack.  They went out of their way to make grade 8 LMS teachers feel special this week.  Spiced tea, candy, and a delicious bowl of chili made us feel appreciated and special.  Thanks guys, you are the best.

Monique Brooks

I would like to give a shout out to Monique Brooks 7th grade STEM math teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students. She's always available in the morning every morning for tutorials, she has even stayed in class with my son at lunch to help him. She is such a blessing to her students and their parents.

Brent Rich

I would like to give Mr. Rich a shout out. He teaches 7th grade Texas history but he does so much more than that. In that class he taught us patience, discipline, kindness, jokes and also to be better than our best. I remember last year for a project our whole class had to go and sing songs about Texas history to all the other history classes. Since he picked one of my songs, I was assigned to singing a solo. First I was nervous and a little embarrassed, but after the first class he cheered for me and told me I did great, and for all the other classes I wasn’t nervous. Mr. Rich was a great motivator. My friends and I would all agree that he should be a preacher, and we’ve told him that before. Every time he gave us these speeches I would get teared up, and they always inspired me to be my best. I grew up in that room, not only educationally but emotionally too. When the last day of school came along and I left the room I started crying. Now I know that Mr. Rich will always be in my heart, inspiring me to do better than I think I can do.​

Marca Ramsey

I would like to send a HUGE shout out to Marca Ramsey at Brandon Elementary. She has no idea what a positive impact she has made on my son's life in the last 4 weeks. There are no words to explain the feeling when he comes home and is excited about showing me his grades and progress he is making in 5th grade. Kudos to Miss Ramsey and her team.​

Carol Burton

I would like to send a huge shout out to librarian Carol Burton from Anderson Elementary for returning a library book to my school in South Texas.  Apparently one of our students turned it in to her and she was kind enough to find our district address to send it back.  Our picture book is now available for check-out in our library at Alton Elementary in Mission CISD, over 450 miles away.  From one librarian to another, thank you.

Yonia Martinez, Librarian
Alton Elementary


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